Pajama party!


Going on vacation with extended family, 2 shared rental houses. That means no more ratty ol’ t-shirts, but some lovely, presentable pajamas are moving up in the sewing queue.

I recently won a pattern at auction, and a fellow sewing gal mentioned she had the same pattern, and thought she might sew it up too… and a challenge is born!

Join the VintagePledge2018 Facebook group to participate or follow along – PJs, nightgowns, nighties…. if you sleep directly in it, and you are using a truly vintage pattern (not a reproduction)…. jump in and join us! Pics of finished items due by the end of July, with pics/pattern info of the pattern you used…. don’t forget to also share your progress with #VintagePledge2018 and #PajamaChallenge!

Since this site is all-vintage-all-the-time, you know what’s next: pattern selection!

Here’s the pattern coming to me soon (thank you, Sunny!):

Isn’t it just too classy? And here’s the fabric I’m anticipating using:

What about you? Are you in?

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  1. Kelli TAMMONE

    Gorgeous! Will definitely consider this challenge!

    1. Amy

      Would love for you to join, Kelli!

  2. BonVintage

    Found my pattern ….working on the material conquest… jealous of your material, Amy!

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