PJs are still progress…. and some July news!

So, the Advance 8227 pajamas are still in progress on my table. Very little got done in June thanks to work schedule, so now it’s down to a couple of weeks before I need them. For this slow sewer – it’s the wire!

I’m trying my hand at pattern matching on this set, so we’ll see how it goes.

Between the pattern matching, and acquiring this narrow quilting fabric (I’m used to 54″ apparel fabric) prior to deciding to use it for pajamas, I didn’t have enough. I really didn’t want to convert these to shorts, and I got lucky: the close Jo-Ann had enough for one pant leg, and the further one had enough for the other! So that’s in the dryer.

How are your PJs coming along?!

Let’s not forget the July news as well: It’s a sew-down competition, and this one has a prize! Choose a vintage bolero pattern and some appropriate fabric (oh, heck, use something mad if you like!). Grab a pic of them together and post in the Facebook group – you’ll find the contest announcement in the pinned posts! Registration is open until Sunday 7/8/2018 at 11:59 pm EST, then sew for three weeks! We’ll cast votes in August, and there is a prize!

Feel free to start sewing…. now!

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